Intuitive Chakra Scans

There are 7 major energetic fields called chakras that are located from the crown of our head to our perineum area. Each chakra is connected with specific organs and glands as well as our physical/mental/emotional/spiritual needs.

Blocked chakras can create imbalances impeding growth and healing. This intuitive method is for individuals wanting deeper exploration of their feelings and emotions to receive healing from possible blocked energy fields.

During the session you and I have a therapeutic conversation in a healing sacred space to discuss feelings, thoughts, and general life experience. Shifting to the end of our session, a simple meditation practice is offered for an opportunity to reground and participate in a tangible tool that can be utilized from knowledge gained in your healing session. Afterwards, I will share guidance on what was discussed during the session and assist you in sharing my detailed guidance after our sacred time together to continually support you in your healing.


60 minute session. Please contact for details.

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