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Sage Integrative Wellness believes that every individual has the innate power within to achieve optimal health and wellness for themselves by primary prevention to create healthy lifestyle choices and create balance.


What Our Clients Say About Us

After my nurse coaching sessions with Dominique I felt inspired and uplifted to build the balanced lifestyle I once had.  She created a trusting environment where I found it easy to be authentic about what is going on in my life without any judgments. Dominique also followed up with an email with resources specific to what I needed at the time. After each session, I always felt inspired and uplifted.Not only does she possess the qualities of an ideal nurse coach she is a fellow RN and can relate to the daily stresses nurses encounter.  I am so grateful for her patience, encouragement, listening skills, and genuine care.If you are feeling nursing burnout or having a difficult time creating a balanced lifestyle I recommend nurse coaching sessions with Dominique and utilizing everything the Sage Integrative Wellness has to offer.

Ann Novak, CaliforniaRegistered Nurse CVICU

Dominique, has given me some great insight on how to be more proactive in many aspects of my life.  My biggest concern when first speaking to her on our first session was getting my health on the right track.  My main goal was to be able to shift my diet into a healthy lifestyle in order to have better health. I wanted to be able to combat these issues before they started. Dominique was extremely patient and very attentive to what my goals were. I learned so much! I was very impressed of how knowledgeable she was in regards to linking certain issues I was having physically to my mental well being. In the short amount of time with working with Sage Integrative Wellness, I have improved my life in many ways.I not only feel physically better and are making huge strives to eat healthier, but mentally I feel better.  Without the knowledge and great support that Dominique has given me, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have made any changes to my lifestyle.  I highly recommend the services of Sage Integrative Wellness, Dominique will be sure to help you reach your goals.

Lilly TillmanStay at home mother

Dominique tailored our sessions to my individual needs. I could tell she was in tune to my concerns and she always followed up with an email or a text to show she cared. She made me feel comfortable with her knowledge and her kindness. Dominique is an expert in health and wellness, as she always had suggestions and explanations, if needed. I gained a better sense of myself and it's all because of Dominique's guidance. I recommend using her Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching Services if you need a little extra push to reach your health and wellness needs. Dominique helped me see that, with some little changes and some encouragement, I could make better decisions.


Amy T., Pittsburgh, PA

Amy T, Pittsburgh, PATeacher

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