Sage Mentorship

This is an opportunity for individuals to receive further one-on-one coaching for your healing path and mentoring for your holistic nursing career. Does the herbal or healing industry intrigue you as a nurse? Maybe you are a nurse that is interested in beginning a coaching career as a nurse coach or a teaching career as a holistic nurse educator?

Nurses that are intrigued to explore the root cause of ailments, co-create transformational shifts, and release the suffering; this healing path assist you in reconnecting with your inner temple to facilitate growth and change. I find that expressing our own personal story can be quite cathartic and allows the process for releasing self sabotaging thoughts and feelings. You and I will explore specific health conditions or life issues and inward reflections that need addressing in a non-judgemental setting. Healing presence is offered providing compassion and kindness within an optimal healing environment.

Here we will co create actionable self care rituals, suggested holistic medicinal treatments, and valuable resources for guidance to move towards sustainable and meaningful lifestyles. Sessions may include meditation, breathwork, and guided visualization. Suggestions and recommendations of holistic medicinal treatments may include herbal teas, tinctures and extracts, essential oils, or healing stones. As a board certified holistic nurse and board certified health and wellness nurse coach, I am grateful to connect nurses with credible and safe resources to meet your healing needs. To get started with your American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) board certification mentorship, click your journey below:


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