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Yoga is a sacred grounding practice that has significant benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. Incorporating safe yoga movements and breath work helps to keep me centered, focused, and practice healing presence to facilitate healing in my body. As a board certified holistic nurse, understanding to meet the needs of the whole person is necessary for optimal health and wellness. The mind, body, spirit are all equally important. Yoga allows individuals to explore their conscious allowing new insight and perspectives to occur.

Research shows many benefits of yoga such as improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, improve sleep patterns, improve posture and flexibility, overall quality of life, and more. As integrative health and wellness nurse coach I support YogaNursing Essentials Training Program to assist nurses in your holistic self care needs to better position yourself to serve our clients and patients.YogaNursing Essentials Training Program is a self care plan example I use in my personal and professional life daily. If you are a registered nurse and looking to learn how you can reduce stress and create balance for your patients, clients, and yourself through gentle medical yoga blended with holistic centered nursing, then click the button below:

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YogaNurse is  aligned with and endorsed by the distinguished Watson Caring Science Institute. Dr. Jean Watson and Dr. Kathleen Sitzman. Click here to learn more about the Watson Caring Science Institute.

Yoga brings movement and flow back into the body to facilitate healing. As a nurse, the YogaNurse Essentials Training Course helps other Nurses, patients, or clients who are interested in therapeutic yoga BUT: Getting down on the floor in the work place isn’t practical, or injuries, knee surgery, weight issues, inflexibility and other challenges make getting on the floor uncomfortable. After you learn the self-care program for yourself, you can teach it to a massive health care market place.

Progressively recovering from a traumatic brain injury personally, I struggled to find flow and was limiting my body from blossoming. I found YogaNurse Essentials Training course as a way to incorporate safe and gentle yoga back into my life to care for my whole being. I felt grounded, centered, and empowered to MOVE again while enhancing my self care routine.

We have so much we can offer our workplace, communities, and personal environments with the knowledge and the ability to become the vessel of healing for others we serve with our sacred work. The need is out there for us to educate others and improve quality of life. Hospitals and companies worldwide are suffering with rising healthcare costs, because of illness, stress, accidents, absenteeism and burnout! They lose money, which is a PROBLEM and they’re looking for solutions. YOU provide the solution with YogaNurse Training that is an easy, proven stress relief program and bring it into the world of Workplace Wellness.

Benefits of Enrolling Online

When you Sign Up for the Course, you will instantly become a member of the YogaNurse Academy. Your membership includes:

1. Access to the YogaNursing Training Essentials Study Material

2. Research, News and Updates.

3. Exclusive Content to View/Download.

4. You will become part of a lucrative community of nurses who are making a difference in Nursing and are more than willing to support you along your journey in Yoga Nursing and as a Nurse Entrepreneur.

5. Access to affiliate program that will allow you to earn a generous commission. A FREE opportunity to earn extra cash by becoming a Yoga Nursing affiliate ambassador.

6. You will find many career boosting opportunities and ideas within the Academy.

7. You can access all this and complete the course from the comfort of your home.

8. Nourish yourself while you obtain premier Continuing Education for Holistic Nurses.

9. Access the mobile-friendly ecourse from any device and study on the go!


If improving patient care is a deep passion of yours and you are looking for a sustainable career plan,  I invite you to join us and be a part of a movement that is changing the consciousness of nursing.


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