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Welcome to a world of wellness. Optimizing health and promoting sustainability at it’s core through transformational healing. We offer naturally effective health solutions. Join our sage community to learn about our specials, offerings and wonderful traditonal healing ways to enhance your wellness experience!

Self Care Healing

We Are An Integrative Nursing Private Practice That Guides You In The Basics of Self Healing

Sage Integrative Wellness offers one of the widest ranges of holistic care. treatments. Our specialty is finding balance, optimizing regulation, healing, and wellbeing in the human body through integrating complementary alternative modalities such as natural products, mind-body medicine, movement therapies, energy healing and partnering with clients to rediscover purpose and enhance quality of life.

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Experience The Healing Power of Integrative Nurse Coaching

  • Are you feeling stuck and unbalanced from your intuition and personal power?
  • Are you lacking clarity and awareness to what your heart and spirit desire?
  • Are you interested optimal heath, wellness, and healing?
  • Are you a medical cannabis patient or just curious on how medicinal cannabis, hemp, and other natural products can support your health and wellbeing?
  • Are you someone who is neurodiverse with neurological symptoms, mental health challenges, hormonal imbalances, or specific brain conditions and need guidance on how to manage your condition and enhance your wellbeing?

Who Does An Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse See?

Every individual looking for wholeness, positive transition, growth, healing, or exploring root causes can benefit from an holistic approach. Creating a healthy balance within the mind, body, spirit, and emotional health and wellness is the ultimate goal. Whether you have a desire to address health and wellness challenges, received a recommendation from your healthcare provider or loved one, managing a significant life change or circumstance, or a need to get healthier and looking for a change; you have come to the right place at the right moment to start improving your quality of life today.

Sustainable Self Care Wellness Tips

Learn practical and tangible self care tools to create harmony and balance. Daily practice of self care is a sacred way to tap into understanding the consciousness at the highest authentic level.

What We Offer

We have a mission to support and guide others on primary prevention and support dis-ease and healing. Creative collaborations with a holistic nurse for your personal and professional life provides an unique and transformative experience that benefits you at the core.

Alternative Therapies

Engage the connection between psychological and physiological aspects of your health and wellbeing with traditional healing practices including your nutritional care, herbs, vitamins, supplements, and your environment

Nurse Mentorships + National Board Certifications

Mentoring provides nurses and student nurses support uplifting you in your growth and personal experience. We invite you to be apart of our holistic variety of Sage Mentorships whether you're in the clinical or private practice settings

Wellness Workshops

Take a conscientious health journey at your pace; every facet of daily life is aligned with the purpose of nurturing, health, harmony, and spiritual growth and provides a complete experiential and transformational experience in holistic living.

Self Care helps with having balance in our life as we initiate and perform practices on our own behalf to maintain wellbeing.

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Integrative Nurse Coaching

Our holistic framework guides others to blossom into greater self fulfillment and resiliency with everyday stressors, life altering conditions, and injuries. Did you know that are unique distinctions between coaching, consulting, counseling, and teaching?

Energy and Mind Body Healing

Energy is all around us whether we "see" it or not. Bring awareness and find balance with your energetic biofield for whole person healing experiences

Holistic Consultations

Our holistic consultations are here to support you with your needs and concerns. Providing a healing and confidential environment to facilitate therapeutic conversations is our first priority.

Sustainable Outcomes

Self Care Basics

Create a self care plan that enhances whole person healing from your personalized self care goals

Natural Sage Tips

Grasp life long natural sage tips and gain an understanding of benefits, risks, research, and optimal safety

Quality of Life

Make informed decisions about your desired health and wellness goals so you can be empowered and enhance wellbeing in your daily life

Healing Techniques

Follow with professional guidance and create new coping skills, power over daily events, and the ability to move towards a healthy lifestyle

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Acupressure and Self-Love

Can the gentle touch of your own hands unlock pathways to profound self-love and emotional balance? Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure offers a holistic approach to nurturing brain health and

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We Think You Can Transform In One Of Our Wellness Services

We Think One of Our Wellness Services Will Transform Your Needs. Ready to check which journey aligns? You can click the button to see all our available services or you can call us for a free consultation!

Wellness Workshops

Meet Our Holistic Nurse Expert Dominique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC, Certified Reiki Practitioner+ Master Teacher, Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach Professional

Hi, I'm Dominique, the Founder & CEO of Sage Integrative Wellness, LLC. I am a double board certified holistic nurse and health and wellness nurse coach, a holistic nurse educator and integrative health and wellness workshop facilitator/speaker, and medicinal cannabis nurse coach and cannabis nurse consultant. I professionally nurse coach and mentor nurses in holistic nursing and nurse coaching national board certifications through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC), mentor cannabis nurses, and also consult with nurses aspiring holistic nurse entrepreneurship opportunities. It is my mission to help patients and nurses privately or in a group/corporate setting through their personal healing journey from traumatic experiences, physical, mental, and emotional chronic ailments through incorporating holistic mind/body/spirit/environmental/energetic practices into their personal and professional lives.

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