Being an Entrepreneur During the COVID-19 Crisis

The world economy will never be the same after COVID-19. Many businesses are closing, others going fully remote, and now is the best time for laid-off workers to consider being an entrepreneur. 

About 15 million Americans or 5% of the population are self-employed. That number is projected to be 27 million by the end of 2020.

Technology is now making it easier for workers to ditch the 9-to-5 or 12 hour shift and pursue their dream of working for themselves.

Are you a healthcare worker considering a new career as a holistic entrepreneur? Keep reading to find out what qualities will make you successful and what alternative paths are available.

What It Takes Being A Holistic Entrepreneur

Working as a new holistic entrepreneur sounds glamorous and exciting, but the truth is it’s very stressful if you don’t stay grounded and full of uncertainty without a solid wellness business and marketing plan. There’s a reason not everyone is doing it.

A few years ago, Gallup studied more than 1,000 entrepreneurs to nail down their successful qualities and here are the results:

  1. Business Focus: Having a solid business plan and making profitable decisions
  2. Confidence: Comfortable in their skin and possessing an innate ability to read other people’s cues 
  3. Creative Thinker: Being creative to work with what they have
  4. Delegator: Good entrepreneurs learn to delegate tasks to avoid being overwhelmed
  5. Determination: Not everything is going to be a success, but entrepreneurs don’t quit no matter what happens
  6. Independence: Don’t mind being alone
  7. Knowledge-Seeker: Staying open-minded and never stop learning
  8. Promoter: They aren’t shy about promoting themselves or their business
  9. Relationship-Builder: The ability to form important relationships that will benefit them in the long run
  10. Risk-Taker: Willing to take risks 

In some cases, these qualities are genetic, according to Gallup. Some people are born with them, while others need to learn from coaches or consultants.

What Entrepreneur Opportunities Are Available?

There are many opportunities to be a holistic entrepreneur, some don’t even exist yet. You went to school for years to earn multiple degrees and certifications and the good news is you can take your knowledge and skills with you.

Registered nurses, for example, can transition into offering their direct services as a holistic nurse entrepreneur.

This type of nurse introduces patients to complimentary and integrative practices like aromatherapy, natural herbs and supplements, reiki, reflexology, or acupuncture. They also emphasize nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. 

The CBD market is booming right now. There are many opportunities for healthcare professionals to provide a CBD consultation. In this position, they help patients with education and navigation on safe practices of using CBD to care for chronic pain, anxiety, skin problems, and so much more.

Other options include teaching, integrative nurse coaching, setting up your nursing agency, leveraging your healthcare knowledge into a writing career, working at a hospice, and the list continues.

Launch Your New Holistic Business Today

Are you ready to become a holistic entrepreneur? Remember, being an entrepreneur is a lot of hard work and potential uncertainty, but it can also be exciting as you gain traction. Be kind on yourself in the beginning because it’s a long process. Just be consistent.

If you need more ideas for your business, read the Sage Interactive Wellness blog for posts on natural therapies, coaching, CBD, nutrition plans, and more. Ready to get started on your holistic nurse entrepreneur journey but need some guidance? Schedule a free 60 minute consultation with our holistic nurse entrepreneur and gain clarity on your goals and critical action steps today and check out National Nurses in Business Association with their annual Nurse Entrepreneurship Conference!

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