Cannabis Coaching, Consulting & Cannabinoid Therapeutics: What You Should Know

You may already know that cannabis eases anxiety. Did you know that it supports a variety of other medical symptoms such as nausea, chronic pain, and inflammatory conditions? 

If you suffer from chronic pain or other medical symptoms, but do not know much about the benefits of cannabis or how to integrate cannabis into your current lifestyle, cannabis coaching and cannabis consulting can help. A cannabis nurse coach sets you up on a result-oriented path to manage your medical symptoms from a condition. Read on to learn more about the medical benefits of cannabis and how a cannabis nurse coach and a cannabis nurse consultant can help.


You have heard of the terms THC and CBD surfacing everywhere, but what are they exactly? THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD stands for cannabidiol. Both substances come from the same plant, the cannabis Sativa. 

The primary difference between the two is that THC has a psychoactive response, meaning you get high from it. Whereas, CBD does not have a psychoactive response.

THC and CBD support many of the same conditions. CBD is legal and because of the psychoactive response associated with THC, it is still illegal in many states. .

The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) refers to a complex system of cell receptors in your body. Your body naturally produces endocannabinoids. They help regulate several processes including but not limited to:

When you consume THC or CBD, it enhances the functioning of these processes. So, for example, if you suffer from chronic pain, THC helps your endocannabinoid system relieve that pain. 

Side Effects of Cannabis

There have been some interactions and side effects associated with cannabis. It can cause hypotension, or low blood pressure, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting. 

Most side effects occurred when patients were not following the recommended dose amongst many other factors, so its important to talk with your doctor before you decide to try cannabis. An excellent and credible cannabis nurse will help to ensure you understand the proper dosing guidelines for optimal support. 

Types of Cannabinoid Therapeutics

There are several different types of CBD products on the market and a cannabis nurse consultant can be supportive here in your decisions of choosing cannabinoid therapeutics specific to your needs. These cannabis products come in the form of oils, chewable tablets, capsules, topical creams, and vapes. 

Most products are safe, but they can pose a risk to your body without proper management. Topical creams support skin conditions and joint and muscle pain. Oils, chewable tablets, and capsules are safe and can offer effective dosage for various types of treatment. 

Other potential alternative cannabis therapeutics include but no limited to dietary changes, herbal remedies, mind-body medicine like acupuncture/acupressure and massage, lifestyle changes such as exercise and movement, moderation of alcohol and nicotine consumption

Cannabis Coaching

A cannabis nurse coach is a certified licensed professional registered nurse trained and educated in health and wellness nurse coaching and educated in understanding the benefits, uses, types, dosing guidelines of cannabis, how to facilitate change, and provide result oriented cannabis consumer outcomes. They also understand the laws associated with THC and CBD in your state.

A cannabis nurse may do specific cannabis nurse consulting to offer professional expert advice like cannabis health education and cannabis product navigation with cannabis patients, cannabis consumers, and businesses at some locations such as cannabis dispensaries, hemp farms, academic settings, at an integrative wellness center, and many other areas. An integrative wellness center is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from challenging symptoms and needing to integrate alternative solutions or searching for a holistic plan of care to enhance your quality of life. In addition to cannabis nurse coaching and cannabis nurse consulting, these centers may offer a variety of other, natural and holistic treatments to relieve or manage symptoms and facilitate the healing process. 

Getting Started With a Cannabis Practitioner 

If you are frustrated or fearful of trying to figure out how to use cannabis for your health symptoms or condition, perhaps you are not being truly heard about your current situation or experience, or just overwhelmed with your doctor’s plan of care, –it is time to look into a qualified professional registered nurse who can support you in specific cannabis coaching and cannabis consultation needs. Contact our integrative wellness center and we will put you in touch with a qualified cannabis nurse coach and cannabis nurse consultant who can get you back on track to relieving fear and frustration, having better cannabis experiences, and enhancing your healthcare outcomes to feel better today. 

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