CBD for Health and Wellness: A Comprehensive Self-Care Plan Example

So, you’ve probably heard the buzz about CBD, and you’re interested to learn how it might fit into your self-care routine. 

CBD is an excellent way to strengthen your moments of wellness throughout the day because it can be free from THC (CBD Isolate) or low THC in percentage (Full Spectrum), for example 0.03% or less, depending on your product of choice and state regulations. This means it contains no psychoactive elements; so instead of feeling out of control, you’ll feel relaxed and focused. 

Want to learn how to make CBD a part of your healing? 
CBD can help with sleep, anxiety, centering the self, and even offer relief from physical pain. 

Check out our self-care plan example below.

In the Morning

From rushing to get the kids ready and putting breakfast on the table to trying to find five minutes to pull yourself together for work, the morning can be an incredibly stressful time. 

That’s why the first part of our CBD-centric self-care plan example includes a moment of meditation.

Wake up about an hour or so before the rest of your household, and place a few drops of a CBD tincture under your tongue. 

Then, begin your daily meditation. Don’t focus so much on “not thinking about anything.” Instead, find a mantra you can repeat to yourself, count your breathing, or simply stare at a fixed point ahead of you. 

If you’re an absolute beginner, we suggest giving mindfulness meditation a try.

You’ll be ready to start the day afterward, and the CBD will have fully kicked into gear, keeping you calm all throughout the morning rush.

Throughout Your Day

It can be tough to squeeze in self-care activities throughout the day, especially if you’re always on the move. 

We suggest trying a CBD vape pen so that you can sneak in your daily dose when you feel yourself starting to slow down. Inhalation, whether smoked or vaping, has been shown to be the most effective and quickest route of administration, however individuals with certain conditions may want to consider other cannabis delivery methods to receive your medicine.

You can also make a healing cup of turmeric tea, a popular ayurvedic drink meant to promote digestion, overall wellness, and even boost your mood. It’s even better with a few drops of CBD oil. 

Take five minutes away from your computer to rebalance.  

In the Evening

There’s nothing quite like a warm bath to help you wind down after a long day.

Try out some of our personal favorite CBD bath bombs to create perfect CBD-infused bath bombs. We suggest adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bathtub to relax even further. 

Once you get out of the bath, you should feel relaxed and ready to sleep. 

If you’d prefer to soak in Epsom salts instead, or if you don’t have time for a bath, you still have options for evening self-care activities with CBD.

Brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea, and add in a few drops of CBD oil. You’ll feel your eyes close in no time. 

Follow This CBD-Focused Self-Care Plan Example

If you’ve been struggling to calm your mind lately, we encourage you to give this CBD-centric self-care plan example a try.

Want to learn more about self-care, improve your own routine, and understand the power of wellness and mindfulness in your life? 

We can help. 

Whether your in a medicinal cannabis only state, recreational state, or a CBD only state; get in touch with our medicinal cannabis nurse consultant to understand how you can feel more grounded, fulfilled, and connected in your own life. 

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