There is so much awareness around cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is continually being vigorously researched to support the effectiveness of certain conditions and symptoms. Incorporating CBD into my personal self care routine has been life changing. As a board certified holistic nurse and integrative health and wellness nurse coach and a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association I support the safe use of CBD to facilitate health, healing, and wellbeing. Congress federally legalized hemp recently in 2018 allowing hemp to be lifted off the Controlled Substance Act allowing farmers to cultivate hemp with permits. CTFO’s CBD has improved my health and overall wellbeing as with other clients at here at Sage Integrative Wellness.


CTFO CBD products are 100% U.S grown and of the highest and purest grade. Their CBD Hemp is isolated through carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction and crystal precipitation process. It is pesticide free, certified organic, non-gmo, and good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified. GMP certification is an additional step taken to let consumers feel confident that what is labeled on the product is exactly what is in the product. Ranging from health, anti-aging, nutrition, and pets; CTFO has over 70 health and wellness products that are CBD and non CBD support you in overall wellbeing. To learn more about CTFO, CBD, how to shop now, and more click the button below:

From supporting healthy blood sugar regulation to promoting optimal cellular health and functionality and many more helpful benefits for the human body and environment; CBD from CTFO has changed the way I care for myself. Sharing this gift of holistic herbalism is an absolute honor. CBD is an organic over the counter supplement that can be incorporated into your daily self care supporting various needs for homeostasis regulation.

Health is wealth and CTFO helps support you with both through their unique opportunity. Sharing holistic products that are changing lives is such a powerful gift to give. The information below will help you begin your CBD journey with CTFO. To get started NOW click the button below:

**DISCLAIMER:Information stated on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes.Utilizing nursing knowledge and professional expertise to make suggestions and recommendations regarding herbal supplements is recognized within the holistic registered nurse scope of practice. Always consult with your doctor with questions and concerns related to adding non Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved supplements/herbs/vitamins or before making any changes to your nutrition  routine. The information on this website does not diagnose, claim, cure, heal, or correct any illness or medical condition. Please consult with a doctor before making changes to your prescribed medication.

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