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Sage Wellness Workshops: Holistic Nurse Entrepreneur Business Journey

October 10, 2021 @ 8:00 am - November 20, 2021 @ 5:00 pm EDT

nurse entrepreneur

Sage Tip #127  You can work and create wellness from A N Y W H E R E.  (even if you are stuck at home right now or get the urge to travel safely!)

When I had a 7a-7p shift as a holistic nurse, I thought travel nursing, seeing professionals having their own practice, and seeing other professionals work from home was the dream; NOW I know working from anywhere is in fact the dream…and I am so fortunate to have it as my reality.

How am I able to run a work from anywhere online wellness business 4 years in the making while in various states and countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Israel?

How can a nurse become a holistic nurse entrepreneur without taking the traditional route of nursing at the bedside?

I run an integrative health and wellness nurse coaching and consultancy private practice and offer digital wellness products that has helped nurses, high visionary wellness leaders, and clients all over the world. If you’ve been on a spiritual journey thinking about building your wellness brand (that private practice of your dreams) or you are tired of figuring things out (including the tech and marketing online and offline) on your own and not as satisfied with the results of growing your wellness business, stop right now and RSVP for my next #HolisticNurseEntrepreneurship Program.

Over 6 weeks I’m covering:

  • Setting the intention and what is needed in the start up phase of your wellness business (as a nurse coach, holistic nurse, cannabis nurse, Healing Touch Practitioner/Reiki therapist, acupressure, yoga teacher, herbalist, meditation practitioner, sound healer–whatever want to do in wellness as a business!)
  • How to attract your ideal wellness client through meaningful relationships
  • Who your wellness business is requesting you to become (as the sage you are–what is your identity in self-actualization?)
  • Conscious techniques on how to build and creatively repurpose your wellness workshop content
  • How to intentionally hold the space creating an optimal healing environment even in a virtual setting
  • Empowering affirmations to transform cognitive thinking of self doubt and imposter’s syndrome
  • How to get comfortable in creating a healthy relationship with social media and other offline marketing tactics
  • How to guarantee a $10K or more launch (I did $10K launches and also $5K launches just off Instagram following these steps and getting my financial mindset on point)
  • How being a high visionary nurse leader aligns organically in being a wellness business warrior
  • …and more!

You don’t understand–healing and insight change lives. Seriously, life changing.

Books, talks, podcasts, and blogs are inspiring and they provide INFORMATION, but the way to truly impact someone is supporting them through IMPLEMENTATION. Wellness courses, workshops, retreats, and health and wellness businesses offer that critical information and implementation support.

Is the timing off for you to begin the holistic nurse entrepreneurship journey? Book a free consult to lock in your spot and join me on the next weekly training, and see what a work from anywhere (locally and globally) can look like for you. You’ll learn about my 60-day remedy to transform your unique gifts, skills, and purpose into a wellness product, wellness service, and of course a health and wellness private practice your ideal client can’t live without because they need a change and they align with your mission and purpose.


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