Five Alive: Tapping Into All Five Senses with an Integrative Nurse Coach

You light the candles, sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to meditate.

It’s all going well until you start thinking about your to-do list on the table. Then, your phone dings, the dog barks and your neighbor fires up the lawnmower.

We’ve all been there. Even when we try our best to shut it out, life happens all around us. 

This is where mindfulness meditation comes into play. 

In short, this is the practice of being present at the moment, experiencing all the sensations around us as we turn inward and find calm.

While it can be hard for the uninitiated to achieve this serenity, an integrative nurse coach can help you tap into all five of your senses as you meditate. 

Today, we’re sharing more about this holistic practice and its benefits. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in.

1. Focus on Sight

Wait, is this a trick tip? In meditation, your eyes are closed, right?

Yes, but dig deeper. 

Even with your eyes shut, you can still see dazzling light displays. This is because your retinas remain active, even when you cover them up. As such, they create movements known as phosphenes

Explore yours and notice any patterns that emerge. Try to look into and beyond the darkness as you do so.

You may also choose to meditate in a room that’s painted in a relaxing color, such as blue. This way, you’re calm when you close your eyes at the beginning and when you open them at the end.

2. Experiment with Smell

There’s a reason meditation rooms are replete with candles. Science shows that scents trigger memories and emotions we may have kept buried for years. 

Experiment with a few to find the aromas that calm and center you. Popular ones include frankincense, lavender, and jasmine. 

You aren’t limited to candles, either.

You may also choose to use diffusers, oil burners or incense as you meditate. Your integrative nurse coach can help you notice the different layers of aromatherapy present for an immersive experience. 

3. Listen Carefully

Next, your nurse coach can walk you through the different sounds around you. 

Some people prefer to meditate to soothing music, such as instrumental piano or harp arrangements. Others may want complete silence. Or, you may rely on your nurse coach to verbally guide you along the process. 

Regardless, take a mental note of everything you hear.

This doesn’t only include the loud sounds, but the soft ones, as well. A bird chirping outside the window, the air conditioning humming above you, the refrigerator running or the cat purring at your feet are all examples of noises to notice. 

4. Notice Taste

No, you don’t need to enter your meditation session with a nourishing bowl or a detoxifying soup.

Yet, taste is an important part of five senses meditation.

Bring along a cup of warm herbal tea and take a sip every now and then. Notice the taste buds it ignites and how it feels on your tongue. Jasmine, chamomile and green tea are excellent choices for their calming properties. 

Is it bitter? Sweet? Complex? Take the time to savor it, rather than gulping it down. Even if you don’t eat or drink anything, focus on how your mouth feels and tastes in its natural state. 

5. Reach Out and Touch

If you’re an experienced meditator, you may sit the entire time with your legs crossed and your thumb and middle finger touching. 

If so, focus on how your legs feel as they fold over each other. What do your fingertips feel like pressed together?

Does your back feel tight as you sit on the floor? If so, let your integrative nurse coach know if you need to change positions. Be in tune with your body so you know how to move it. 

If you’re new to the practice, you may find it comforting to meditate with soft blankets, rugs, and cushions around you. Feel these textures with your hand and notice their fibers. Surround yourself with plush accessories that enhance the meditation experience. 

Consult with an Integrative Nurse Coach 

Does this deeper level of meditation sound like something you’re interested in trying? Are you ready to tune out the world for a few minutes and take a deep dive into your immediate surroundings?

Our integrative nurse coach can help you get there. 

When you book a session, you aren’t just going in to meditate. You’ll learn how to ground and center yourself in the midst of chaos, the science behind the supportive practice, and how the tiniest details often have the biggest meaning. 

Contact us today to learn more and change your outlook, one sense at a time. 

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