CBD On the Go: A Guide to Flying With Edibles and Other CBD Products

Can I bring CBD oil on a plane?

Since CBD is so popular now, these are the types of questions that a lot of people are asking. And it’s only fair. If you use CBD on a daily basis, you will rightfully want to know whether you can bring this cannabis-based product with you, since cannabis is still illegal under federal law. 

We’re still trying to figure out the landscape, but there are some good guidelines to follow that will keep you safe and protect your rights. These tips will help you out when you’re flying with edibles and any other CBD products. 

Learn the Laws

While cannabis is illegal under federal law, the government has allowed some leeway for hemp-based CBD, based on the 2018 Farm Bill.

This means that hemp CBD is legal to possess as long as it has a THC content of 0.3 percent or lower. 

The state of California made news in 2018 when they stated publicly that passengers can carry up to an ounce of cannabis flower in their travels. 

Laws aside, keep in mind that the TSA is looking for dangerous items, like pepper spray, guns, bombs, and weapons, rather than cannabis or any other substances. They also can’t tell the THC content of any form of cannabis without using it or testing it. 

So as long as you know your rights and act with some discretion, you shouldn’t have any problems flying with edibles or other CBD products. 

Pack Your CBD Snugly in Your Carry-On

If you are bringing CBD with you, always make sure that they are packed securely in your carry-on, rather than your luggage. 

Having it on your person makes you available to answer any kind of questions, and doesn’t denote the same suspicion that packing it in your checked bag might. Also, if there is any discrepancy or problem with packing it in your carry-on, you will typically be allowed to just throw it away. 

But with CBD cooked in things like brownies or cookies, TSA agents generally won’t think twice about them, since there’s nothing suspicious or illegal about packing food. 

You also have to pack vape devices in your carry-on, based on TSA requirements. The batteries can become hazardous when packed in your checked baggage, so keep these pens in your carry-on if you’re bringing them with you. 

Keep Your Paperwork Handy if Your CBD Products are Conspicuous

It’s important to have any proof with you, should questions arise. 

If you pack some CBD flower, for instance, it will very much smell just like regular weed. If the scent from your bag tips off any kind of issue, you can easily show them the label that explains the CBD content. 

Only use your CBD in ways that are legal and non-disruptive as well. You can peacefully eat a CBD edible to help you sleep on a plane, but it’s against the law to use your vape pen on the plane, even in the plane’s bathroom. 

Flying With Edibles and Other CBD Goodies

Flying with edibles and other CBD products shouldn’t be a problem at all when you’re careful and smart about it. Use these tips when you’re packing for your next flight. 

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