How to Set Goals for Health, Wellness, and Entrepreneurship for 2021

Let’s face it! We’ve all been quarantining for months now, and we’ve gotten a little rough around the edges, to say the least. With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to think about our 2021 goals.

Whether you’re looking to add health goals, wellness goals, or even entrepreneurship goals, setting goals for 2021 is the first step towards change. If you’re tired of setting New Year’s resolutions that seem to only last until February until you ditch them and slump back into new routines, you’ll want to read our simple guide. 

Here’s our guide for how to set goals in 2021. 

Be S.M.A.R.T About It!

Being smart about goals starts with taking big goals and breaking them into bite-size micro-goals to make them a bit more manageable. Many people think of health and wellness goals by their end result, but there are many steps along the way. 

Starting small is always a great way to increase your chances of success. Changing your diet overnight won’t stick, but slow changes can dramatically impact your health and wellness

S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym designed to help you succeed and help you learn how to set goals that stick (not like those cliche resolutions). Let’s break it down: 

Be Specific

Those who succeed know the importance of having a laser-focused vision. This gives them a definite purpose when it comes to breaking old patterns and creating new ones.  Whatever your goal is, make it specific.

So how do you get specific? 

You focus on where you want to be and set tiny milestones that get you to that reality. You should be asking yourself every day, what can I do today to get me closer to my goal? 

Make Goals Measurable

So what do we mean when we say to make goals measurable? Many people state goals like this, “I want to meditate.” While this is a fine goal, it’s not really measurable.

Making this goal measurable implies defining what success means. Simply saying you want to meditate doesn’t define your goal. For instance, you may have a goal to meditate for five minutes a day, then 10 minutes, and so on. That may lead to meditating for 30 minutes.

By breaking your larger goal into smaller steps, you’ll feel the satisfaction of progress that will keep you going. Instead of concentrating on how far you have to go, you’ll focus on how many smaller goals you’ve completed along the way. 

Make Goals Attainable

Many people set out with very lofty goals without thinking it should probably be broken down into a series of goals. While you may want to lose 80 pounds, that’s a huge goal.

Instead, create goals that are more attainable and reap success along the way. An attainable goal could be ten to twenty pounds. Then once you crush that goal, you work on the next. 

Make Goals Realistic

Again, is it realistic to lose 80 pounds quickly? Not necessarily. 

Is it possible? Sure it is, but goals are meant to be crushed, and four smaller goals are just as valid as one big one. Be realistic with your goal setting and create benchmarks along the way. 

This will ensure success along the way and eliminate the overwhelming stress that many people can feel with huge unattainable goals.

Make Goals Time Sensitive

If you want to achieve any goal, put a deadline on it. It will keep you laser-focused, make you track your goal, and help you see your progress along the way as you edge closer to your deadline.

It also adds a bit of urgency so that you can keep the fire burning. To make time-sensitive goals, let’s create one about starting your own business

Here’s how you can create a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive: 

Perhaps you’re a registered nurse who would like to become a health and wellness coach. Your goal could look something like this: 

I will enroll in a coaching course, create a website, and launch my health and wellness coaching business by March 2021. 

See how it is measurable, realistic, attainable, and time-sensitive? That’s a smart goal.  

How to Set Goals Like a Boss in 2021

If you long to achieve health, fitness, wellness, or financial and entrepreneurship goals in 2021, start with the S.M.A.R.T acronym.

If you’re looking for ways to add mindfulness to your 2021, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re thinking about ways to increase health and wellness, we’ve got information about that too. 

For more tips and tricks for health, fitness, and mindfulness, please check out Sage Integrative Wellness Packages. 

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