Regulating Hormone Balance and Stress: 5 Adaptogens For Holistic Healing and Nutrition Therapy

Life happens and we experience obstacles and challenges that can affect our stress levels. Often times we tend to cope with stress in unhealthy ways such as comfort eating or patterns and behaviors that does not serve our greater good. The good news is, we can choose another way to cope with integrating adaptogens for holistic healing and nutrition therapy.

What are adaptogens and why are they important for holistic healing and nutrition therapy?

So you may have heard of herbs and plants being called “tonics”, but what does that mean exactly? Adaptogens are plants that offer anti-stress effects and secrete steroids in the body. Adaptogens are substances that increase overall nonspecific resistance to stress.

Research shows adaptogens can fight against fatigue, ease anxiety and depression, and enhance mental performance. This maybe just what you’re looking for if you are meeting a deadline for work or school, studying, or just maintaining balance during a stressful day.

5 Adaptogens to consider for holistic healing and nutrition therapy

holistic healing and nutrition therapy

How does Adaptogens reduce stress?

Have you ever been stressed out and wondered why you are so fatigued?Adaptogens help us to fight exhaustion in times of stress. When we become stressed our cortisol hormone levels increase and when our adrenal glands release too much of this hormone it affects our bodies in a negative way such as weight gain, lack of sleep, affect our circadian rhythms, and affect our cognitive and immune function.

How to integrate adaptogens for holistic healing and nutrition

A holistic nurse may counsel and guide you on adjusting dose but each person is unique so going low and slow is key.

Final Sage Tips

Adaptogens are trending but they have been around since our early ancestors. Today they are being studied for their medicinal benefits and how they are supporting chronic illnesses. Integrating adaptogens for holistic healing and nutrition therapy with our holistic nurse is simple.

Contact us today to book an integrative holistic nutrition session and feel balanced, level headed, and the freedom to manage your stress and hormones!

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