Reiki Energy Healing

The human energy system is a dynamic area of human subtle energies. In various cultures and healing systems, the flow of energy or vital life force can be described as Ki such as in Reiki. Rei means “Universal” and Ki (also known as Chi or Qi) means “Energy” Reiki- “Universal Energy”.

During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner lays hands on the recipient’s fully clothed body drawing the energy through the crown chakra, through the body and hands, to the client. Reiki treats the whole person including the body, emotions, mind, and spirit creating many beneficial effects including various side effects, promote recovery, relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.

Master Your Self Care Routine

Learn what the difference between acupressure and  Reiki and what can you expect in a session.

Understand what Reiki and Acupressure is and is not

Explore the benefits of how Reiki and Acupressure may be helpful for you

Access your own energy healing by becoming aware of your own innate healing

Consider cost effective holistic care in your health and wellness plan for your healing journey.

Seeds of Gratitude


Check out some of our FAQs and we invite you to connect with Sage Integrative Wellness by booking a free consultation with our                  Holistic Cannabis Nurse today

Sage Integrative Wellness goes to great lengths to ensure that you are a good fit for our services, and encourage you to reflect and ensure that this is the right decision for you.

Unfortunately insurance is not accepted. You may pay via debit, credit, or individuals may choose to use flex spending account (FSA) or health spending account (HSA) for our services. All services are final and refunds on services are not an option.

To take any service by Sage Integrative Wellness, you must have access to a telephone device and working
internet to access the online HIPPA compliant client portal to view documents and summaries.

Other services may require: Working internet capable of streaming audio, video, downloading documents, a working computer, tablet, or smartphone capable of internet connectivity. A basic understanding of how to navigate the internet, answer and respond to email, and use basic video software if choosing video sessions and must have access to a webcam or telephone device.

Depending on the chosen service or wellness workshop, individuals may schedule on a hourly, weekly, every other week, monthly, or quarterly basis. Every person has a unique journey, personal lifestyle, and professional development goals so honoring your daily routine and personal schedule is something to consider.

Some of the health and wellness programs offered are self paced allowing the client to have the flexibility to schedule when needed however still on a consistent schedule with chosen wellness workshop.

Although we are local to West Palm Beach, Florida; holistic nurse Dominique has professional jurisdiction to practice nursing in 38 states in the United States. Click here to view the map of the 38 practicing states.


Each Sage Integrative Wellness service offers something valuable for each person. All services have a goal of creating balance in the body through integrative modalities and co creation of your needs. So schedule your free consultation, gain clarity of your individual needs, and the specific service that works best for you!

Once you’ve scheduled your initial consultation, then align to purchase service, you will receive a receipt and and email describing next action steps towards getting your session booked on the scheduler.

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