Integrative Nurse Coaching

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

Sage Integrative Wellness provides a holistic framework and a unique methodology for individuals to blossom into greater self fulfillment and resiliency with everyday stressors,life altering conditions, and injuries. 

There are unique distinctions between coaching, consulting, counseling, and teaching. As a professional integrative nurse coaching online private practice, our board certified holistic nurse and integrative health and wellness nurse coach Dominique, partners with you in a kind and compassionate, thought stimulating process to empower you to maximize your strengths in your personal and professional journey. Recognizing that you are the expert in your personal journey establishes a healthy and sacred relationship for facilitating growth.

At Sage Integrative Wellness we offer consultations to provide professional advice  and offer solutions to individuals regarding health, wellness, and entrepreneurial concerns and needs.

Our online private integrative nurse coaching practice, unfortunately does not offer counseling services to individuals and not within the scope of practice of a registered nurse. Counselors have a different role and job title than registered nurses; they are trained to diagnose individuals with emotional dysfunction. Our professional role is assisting our clients with this resource if necessary as well as to support you with your present and future needs.

Mentoring provides support uplifting you in your growth and personal experience. We invite you to be apart of our Sage Mentorship. Dominique is a trusted guide and advisor, who shares and combines her professional clinical holistic nurse expertise with her authentic personal trauma experiences of a traumatic brain injury and managing the loss of a parent as a young adult . She is resilient in regulating homeostasis for the mind, body, spirit on a daily basis, facilitate healing, empowering and inspiring others to do the same starting with the basic foundation of self care. To learn more about mentoring with Dominique through our Sage Mentorship, please click here.

Creating meaningful and simple tangible tools to maintain balance is key for desirable positive outcomes. Sage Integrative Wellness can support you in regulating homeostasis within your body through various holistic approaches so that the body can function and process appropriately.     

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