Medical Cannabis Education: The Medical Cannabis Institute

As a healthcare professional, we owe it to our patients and ourselves to be more knowledgeable about how cannabis works in the body on a physiological and psychological level. Understand the basics of the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid receptors, and how endocannabinoids effect the physiological functioning of the human body systems.

At The Medical Cannabis Institute, online medical education is provided for healthcare workers, including physicians, registered nurses, and pharmacists about medical cannabis and the clinical application for usage.

The Medical Cannabis Institute’s valuable science- based accredited medical cannabis online courses are truly top of the line and are offered globally. Online courses are taught by credible and valuable physicians, registered nurses, and lawyers well within the clinical application and field of medicinal cannabis within their various specialities.


Medical cannabis science and education has not been a part of our medical training in the past and not much at all even today. As healthcare providers, we can close this gap in the clinical care setting.

Nurses will learn our unique role when providing education on medical cannabis as a treatment option, talking strategies for therapeutic communication, tips for routes of administration and dosing, medicinal laws, and so much more.


Physicians will have the opportunity for in depth science and clinical application for medical cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, and more. Earn 13 AAFP Elective credits. Also provider specific courses are offered for the states of New York and Ohio looking to register with the Department to certify and recommend patients for the use of medical cannabis.

Join the medical cannabis movement as a healthcare provider and stay up to date on evidence based medical cannabis education. Feel confident in providing your patients with the knowledge they need to understand how to use this sacred medicinal plant and how it can safely work in their body.  

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