What Is a Heart Chakra? Your Complete Guide

Life is all about finding the perfect balance. 

The world often presents itself in extremes. The weather always seems to be too cold or a bit too hot. Desserts are wonderfully sweet, but you’ll want something salty after eating one. 

Because there are so many extremes around us, it can be difficult to find balance within our bodies. To combat this imbalance, many people work on balancing their chakras. Balanced chakras bring a higher flow of energy and healing. 

Finding balance can be difficult, especially in your heart chakra. Keep reading below to find out more about the heart chakra and how to balance it. 

Our Bodies Are Storage for Trauma

As we go through traumatic experiences in life, our bodies hold on to those feelings. We harbor betrayal, hatred, anger, and disappointment. 

Some people seek out therapy to overcome these feelings. However, many other people remain in their emotions, and it starts to affect how they view the world. 

While it’s not our fault bad things happen, we find it’s our responsibility to do the healing. We must seek heart chakra healing because that is where so many negative emotions are stored.

Seek Love

Anahata (the heart chakra) in its purest form is the origin of our emotions and unconditional love. It’s the bridge between our upper and lower chakras- the connection between the external and the spiritual. 

If you want to imagine a balanced heart chakra, imagine an innocent young child. They are loving, curious, compassionate, and joyful, but they are also easily frightened. These are natural emotions of the human experience. 

We should flow along smoothly with these emotions. Our bodies are thrown out of balance when we cling to emotions. At our best, we surrender to the pain and seek love in all we do. 

How to Heal

Do you feel like you have a clogged heart chakra? Are you experiencing discontentment and a lack of empathy? It’s time to work towards greater heart health

Meditation is a powerful tool in balancing the heart. Allow yourself to sit still and recognize your emotions without judgment. Notice how they flow. 

You’ll also find you receive love when you put out love. Reach out to a family member, or bake a cake for your lonely neighbor.  Being compassionate is wonderful energy healing work.

For professional help, consider seeing a therapist or working with an integrative nurse. An integrative nurse will approach your healing from a holistic angle, promoting greater overall health. 

Find Balance: The Heart Chakra Explained

Find balance in your life by understanding and healing your heart chakra. Once healed, you’ll notice a large increase of love and joy in your life. 

The heart chakra is at the center of our bodies, acting as a bridge between our external world and our spiritual self. It can be clogged with hatred and anger. Seek love and healing through things like meditation and compassion for others.

Are you seeking guidance in spiritual healing and greater holistic health? Book a consultation today to discuss energy healing services such as acupressure

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